Our mission is to protect people and the environment through innovative, sustainable, trustworthy clean water technology.

Our Why

Advancing Clean Water Production

Diminishing access to clean water is a critical issue facing our world today. Climate change and growing global populations are putting undue stress on the world’s water supply. Because of this, the United Nations estimates more than five billion people could suffer water shortages in just 30 years or less unless drastic changes are made.

To address this crisis, QualSens is designing clean water technology that advances the water monitoring process and helps sustain water production for personal, agricultural, and industrial use.

QualSens is advancing the water purification process through innovative technology created to monitor and detect fouling activity.

Our Product

Making Water Safe and Sustainable

QualSens supports water sustainability by monitoring and detecting water fouling activity at the source—water desalination plants. Using our Rapid Enzyme Activity Detection [READ] water sensing technology, plant operators can detect enzymatic activity and biofouling early on. The READ sensor intelligently analyzes samples and provides precise feedback in real-time, giving plant operators the data they need to make confident decisions.

Benefits & Features

Empowering Water Plant Operators

Our real-time data and water monitoring technology empowers clean water production by accurately identifying problems and providing water plant operators with the knowledge and insights they need to keep their systems running safely and efficiently.

Simple Water Monitoring

The READ sensor is easily installed into desalination plant systems to automatically sample water

Early Detection

READ detects microbial growth before advanced stages of biofouling occur

Immediate Alerts

Microbial detection alerts are sent immediately to the control room where cleaning decisions can be made quickly

Improved Performance

Early detection of microbial growth means plant operators can calibrate their systems to run better

Avoid Costly Shutdowns

Efficient systems mean plant operators spend less time shut down plants to clean and disinfect their water systems

Clean Water Production

Safe systems mean water is produced sustainably, with less chemical disinfectants

About Us

Committed To Innovation

Operating out of Saudi Arabia, QualSens started with a team of scientists interested in protecting people and the environment. From this vision, we set out to design intelligent, innovative, cost-effective technology that could increase the efficiency of water production on which millions rely daily. We envision extending the use of our sensors to other liquid monitoring applications, such as in the food and beverage industry, as well as for personal use inside homes.

Babar Khan, Ph.D.


Luca Fortunato, Ph.D.


TorOve Leiknes, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor